Mark Cromer

As an Audio Director, Sound Designer and Composer, I have managed audio departments, created sound effects, composed, arranged, performed, recorded, implemented and produced audio and music in various styles for many diverse projects. I have coordinated out-of-house composers, musicians and voice actors, and implemented, tested and fine-tuned final game audio. At Firaxis Games, I was Audio Director for the Civilization franchise. At Big Huge Games, I was responsible for creating and implementing all the sound effects for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning which sold over a million games in its first month. I’ve worked on 24 AAA game titles in the past 16 years and I am proficient with Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Logic, Peak, Cuebase, FMOD, Wwise, Perforce, Sound Forge, Vegas, and Final Cut to name a few. I received a Masters in Classical Guitar from The Peabody Institute, which enabled me to play and record up to twenty different instruments for various games. 
If you would like to visit my performance page at The Cromerzone, please click on the link below.

In Game Sfx For Reckoning

Sound Fx Audio Tour

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